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On November 2, 2021, Vote Brandy Clark for Moreno Valley Unified School District

meet brandy clark

Mother. Education Professional. Community Leader.

Brandy is a longtime Moreno Valley resident, mother of two, and trusted community leader.

25 years

Moreno Valley resident

14 years

Financial administrator

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Brandy Clark has lived in Moreno Valley for over 25 years and is a proud wife and mother of two children.

Brandy has played an active role in the community by volunteering in programs involving children with Hemophilia. In addition, she worked with Moreno Valley Pop Warner as a Cheer Coach and Team Mom. She also assisted several Coaches within the MVUSD High School Cheer Teams Activities and Fundraisers. She has been involved in school parent groups, which includes a certification in “Making Excellence Inclusive,” a diversity program at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). Brandy has also been accredited in several articles, journals, books, and movies from Academic Scholars for her contributions in assisting Faculty with Financial Compliance, Research, and Administrative Grants.

Professionally, Brandy has worked at UCR for 14 years as a Financial Administrator. During her time in Student Affairs, she had the primary responsibility of overseeing the student based Business and Administrative operations, Finances, Human Resources, Payroll and Student Affairs for thirteen departments. Her leadership assisted in ensuring these programs had funding for outreach, Academic Tutoring and Referrals, Counseling, Cultural Events and Programs, Employment Opportunities and Leads, Peer mentorship, and resources for Scholarships and interns. Her love for service and education led her to become a Vocational Instructor at Bryman College, teaching several courses.

Brandy is ready and eager to serve on the Moreno Valley Unified school board because she is dedicated to ensuring Moreno Valley students continue to receive the best educational opportunities. Her top priorities are the safety of our students, teachers, and staff as schools reopen. She is committed to our teachers and staff, so they have the resources needed to provide all students a high-quality and equitable education.

About Brandy

Hi Neighbor,

I am Brandy Clark and I am running for Moreno Valley Unified School District! As a mother of two and longtime resident of Moreno Valley, my family and I care about the Moreno Valley Unified School District and the community. I am passionate about encouraging all youth to dream big while being great achievers and leaders. I believe that as the city continues to grow, we must work together as a community to improve our education system through building collaborative partnerships. I am experienced in budget development and implementation while working alongside teachers and students.

I am running to serve you and your family on our school board because I am dedicated to ensuring all students continue to receive the best educational opportunities we can provide through innovation and building our social capital. After a difficult year, our top priority needs to be the safety of our students, teachers, and staff as we prepare for the reopening of our schools. I’m committed to our teachers and staff, so they have the resources needed to provide all students a high-quality and equitable education.

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Our priorities

Together, we can

As a parent, Brandy Clark is determined to support the needs of our community, educators, and frontline professionals who keep our schools safe.

Invest in mental health resources

As we emerge from the pandemic and open our schools, mental health is a key area that needs attention to build a safe learning environment.

Increase funding for teachers

Ensuring a quality education means our teachers have the resources and training necessary to deliver high-level instruction to our students.

Expand social and emotional learning programs

Social and emotional learning is imperative to help our students learn how to better understand themselves, connect with their peers, and work together to achieve goals. 


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